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Remote League Benefits

  • Earn Entry into the Annual World's Largest Soft Tip Tournament, the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

  • Earn Voucher for the (TOC) Main Event Finale Annually.

  • Men's Voucher Elite, Master, Pro Finales

  • Women's Voucher Elite, Master, Pro Finales

  • Qualify for PPD Cricket Singles Challenge

  • PPD Nationals Remote Tournaments

  • All Star Triples Remote Tournaments

  • Earn Qualifications into Indiana State, Vegas Team Dart, and Just Darts City Championships Tournaments

  • Earn Points Towards a chance to Win Darter of the Year with Just Darts

  • Earn Games Towards a chance to Win Most Games Played with Just Darts

  • Local Leagues give 10 points, Remote Leagues give 20 points Per League Night Played