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Frequently Asked Question


What is Just Darts?
Just Darts is a platform dedicated to providing amusement and league opportunities in darts and pool for local bars in Indianapolis since 1981. We also provide a league management platform for venue owners and operators.

How can I contact Just Darts?
You can contact Just Darts by calling 317-576-8009 or by Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


How do I join a league?
You can join a league by contacting your local bar location or you can contact us at Just Darts 317-576-8009. For remote dart leagues, you can sign up through the "Remote Dart League sign up grid" under the "Remote Leagues" section.

What are the benefits of joining a remote dart league?
Joining a remote dart league offers numerous advantages including not having to throw away your vouchers and points. Learn more here.


How do I know if I qualify for upcoming PPD events?
You can check your qualification status for upcoming PPD events here.