As Team Captain you will be expected to:

1.     Attend any meetings called by the League Director that require your presence.  If you are not able to attend then make sure the co-captain is present.

2.     Make sure you have a full team on league nights.

3.     Perform any and all talking for your team in league play.

4.     Be responsible for your team’s conduct during league play.

5.     Collect all money for your team before the match.  No Pay – No Play!

6.     Be sure the correct handicaps are entered into the dart machine before league play starts.

7.     Notify Just Darts of any player changes, rescheduled matches or matches played early.

8.     Our rule book is a set of guidelines to help captains solve a problem if a disagreement arises.  Common sense and good sportsmanship are to be used if a solution is not explicit in the rules.  Remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves.





·         Must play a minimum of 120 League Games per qualifying year.

·         Sub games are eligible, games frame July 14 - July 15 of year.

·         Held annually.

·         Must be a player in good standing with Just Darts.

·         Events will be separated by gender and skill ranking with Just Darts.

·         Male / Female Darter of the Year Awards.

·         Earn TOC points !




Points Per Dart (PPD) and Marks Per Round (MPR) are the official means of classifying and ranking players.

PPD:    Points Per Dart is used for all ’01 games, (301, 501, etc.).  To obtain a PPD, divide the total points by the number of actual darts thrown.  Example:  Player #1 wins the game with his 12th dart.  He has achieved a total of 301 points.  His PPD is 25.08 (301 / 12 = 25.08).  The winner of the game will use the total points of the game, (301, 501, etc.) all other players will use the actual points scored as reported by the machine.

MPR:    Marks Per Round is used for all Cricket games.  To obtain a MPR, divide the total number marks scored by the actual number of darts thrown then multiply by three (3).  Example:  Player #1 wins the game with their 46th dart.  They have achieved a total of 59 marks.  Their MPR is 3.85 (59 / 46 x 3 = 3.85).
















29.0 & Above


3.2 & Above

19.0 & Above


2.0 & Above


22.0 – 28.9


2.4 – 3.1

16.0 – 18.9


1.6 – 1.9


21.9 & Under


2.3 & Under

15.9 & Under


1.5 & Under


·         Just Darts will re-evaluate player rankings after every league season.

·         A new unranked player must complete a minimum of 24 league games to establish a skill ranking.

·         Player known ability will also rank players.

·         Players that represent two different PPD and MPR divisions will be ranked with the higher stat.





Win %         Total wins based on total games played.  Wins divide by games played.

Game         Total number of games played.

Win             Total number of games won.

SSPRE       Super S.P.R.E. A system that allows the combining of Cricket, 301 and 501 stats to give a player one overall rank, instead of three separate ones. This has generally been superseded by Marks Per Round, and Points Per Dart ratings.

PPD           Points Per Dart.  Total points divide by the number of darts thrown.

6DO           6 dart out.

7DO           7 dart out.

8DO           8 dart out.

9DO           9 dart out.

4RO            4 round out or 10 – 12 darts thrown to win.

T80             3 triple twenties scored.

3BD            3 triples thrown in the same number.

HAT            All 3 darts registering in the Bull’s eye in one turn.

HTN            High Ton.  A score of 151 – 180 points in one turn.

LTN            Low Ton.  A score of 100 – 150 points in one turn.



Award Jacket, shirt, or hat will be given to those regular team members who throw a true 6 dart out (Starting a game at 301 points)

Player needs to notify Just Darts as soon as a 6 or 10 dart out is hit.  One award per player every three years.



Win %         Total wins based on total games played.  Wins divide by games played.

Game         Total number of games played.

Win             Total number of games won.

SSPRE       Super S.P.R.E. A system that allows the combining of Cricket, 301 and 501 stats to give a player one overall rank, instead of three separate ones. This has generally been superseded by Marks Per Round, and Points Per Dart ratings.

AST            Assist - A standard feat. When two players play Cricket on one score, the player taking the game out, gets the Win. The other player gets an Assist.

MPR           Marks Per Round.  Total number of marks divide by number of darts thrown multiply by three.

5MR           Registering 1 triple and 1 double, 1 triple and 2 singles, 2 doubles and 1 single in one turn.

6MR           Registering 2 triples, 1 triple and 1 double and 1 single, 3 doubles in one turn.

7MR           Registering 2 triples and 1 single, 1 triple 2 doubles in one turn.

8MR           Registering 2 triples and 1 double in one turn.

9MR           Registering same 2 triples and 1 different triple, same 3 triples.

WHS           3 darts registering 3 different triples in one turn that have not previously been marked or scored upon by your team.

HAT            All 3 darts registering in the Bull’s eye in one turn.




 Sandbagging” – The intentional distorting of rating stats either via the throwing or the recording of darts.

If a player misses his out, is that “sandbagging”?

Not necessarily.  It may be a momentary response to a competitive situation.  It may be the reflection of dedication and practice.  It may be a high point in the normal fluctuations (hot and cold) that are part of a player’s rating.

However, if there is a consistent pattern to a player scoring higher in non-stat games, matches and/or events said player scores when stats are being recorded; it is sandbagging!

“Sandbagging” is winning outside the defined, established, and accepted ethics and rules of the sport.

“Sandbagging” is receiving prize money that rightfully belongs to others.


Solution – Just Darts cannot solve sandbagging.

“Sandbagging” will only be minimized (never totally eliminated) through the combined efforts of the players, the location owners, the Executive Board and Just Darts.


·         Do not shoot with “sandbaggers” in leagues and/or tournaments.

·         Assist your location in identifying in-house sandbaggers.

·         Provide Just Darts and the Executive Board with the objective information needed to enforce the “sandbagging” policy.

Location Owners:

·         Exclude “sandbaggers” from your dart program.

·         Alert Just Darts of your in-house “sandbaggers”.

·         Recognize your responsibility to all the players in the league.  Tolerating “sandbaggers” is an inequity to every one of your legitimate, honorable players.

Just Darts:

·         Be willing to decline teams from locations that promote, tolerate, and/or ignore “sandbaggers” within their operations.  “Sandbagging” will be reviewed and disciplined on an individual basis by the Executive Board.


A continuing program presence of “sandbaggers” within a location will cause said location to be excluded from the Just Darts Leagues.

It will not be tolerated for a player or handful of players to compromise the program to the competitive disadvantage of the players who are playing with honor and within the rules.

This rule is effective immediately and will be enforced.




The following is a list of rules and guidelines.

1.     The two captains should settle all misunderstandings with their fullest cooperation in a spirit of sportsmanship and common sense.  On the 1st Night of league play make sure the correct ranking book stats are entered for each player handicap, unranked players must use these stats for first night only (men= 27.0,3.0 / women 17.0, 1.8).

2.     Only a player/team competing against said player/team may submit a protest.  A written protest must be submitted to Just Darts within 48 hours of the match. 

3.     Players pay league fees each week up until the last week of play (or as indicated on the schedule) and also pay own quarters for all matches.  League fees are $6.00 per player per night or $10.00 per player for Big Money Leagues.  Game fees are indicated on the dart machine. 

4.     Teams will consist of regular players plus any substitutes.  All players must be 21 years of age.  You may register for any team you wish.  However, you are not officially a member of that team until you have played at least one week.  Any roster changes must be reported to Just Darts.

5.     No new unranked subs or new regular players are allowed to play in the last two weeks of league play.  It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure his team roster is the way he wants it before this date.  Only in the case of extenuating circumstances and with Just Darts approval can a team replace a regular player within the last two weeks.  Once removed the initial player cannot play in that league again.

6.     Replacing a regular player in a league are as follows:  For the 1st half of the league you can meet the original requirements of the league (if it's an open league, then you can replace the player with anyone), In the 2nd half of the league you must use same rank or less of the player you are replacing.

7.     In mixed leagues, the ladies must be placed in positions #1 and #2 on the machine.  If you change your team line-up before the match begins the ladies must stay in positions #1 and #2.

8.     Sanctions fees are $12.00 per player.  Sanctions are paid annually and expire on August 31st of each active year.  If the player sanctions fees are not paid, then the fees will be paid from the league ending payout.

     10.   A player can play in 2 league matches at the same time, however this is not recommended! This is good if           you have extenuating circumstances or a rescheduled match to make up, as we like to see all league matches played before the end of the league.  If a player is playing in 2 leagues at the same time the highest            sportsmanship standards must be used.  Delay Time between matches is disrespectful to the players and the          teams that signed up for the league.  Just Darts reserves the right to issue 1 warning as a first offense,      followed by a replacement of yourself in 1 of the leagues as a second offense, to the player or the team that is          abusing a Delay Time between   the 2 league matches.  Be very considerate to your fellow league players.  If a   player is playing in 2 Remote Leagues on the same night, then you cannot play in an In-House League on the          same night.

9.     Subs:  Spot Points / Spot Marks Handicap Leagues.

·         Subs may be of equal (PLAYER RATING (PPD + 10xMPR)  of the player your subbing out.

·         Player Rating numbers are found in our Ranking Book online @

10.  A Team may acquire a substitute player as long as the sub meets all sub requirements and all requirements of the league that the player is playing in.  Such as limit 1 master per team.   At least one regular player per team must be present.

11.  If you start a match and forget to enter a sub or the sub is not listed on team line-up, then you must restart the match and enter the correct sub.  However, this will require a re-entry of your league fees ($6 per person, $10 per person in $big money$ leagues), quarter money will still be in board.  You must report this to Just Darts in order to get a refund (League Fees Only) at the end of league.

12.  If at anytime a player or sub fails to show up for league play you can sub the player out for a Blind player.  A Team is only allowed to use the 151 Rule for one player per team.  301 games will be played under 151 Rule for the entire match.

·         The word Blind is entered in for the absent player.

·         Blind score is pushed to 151 in handicap rounds for 301 games only.

·         Blind partner may take game out until frozen by opposing team.

·         Blind will be pushed off for all rounds once pushed to 151.

·         In 501 and 701 games, the Blind score is pushed off each round – No 151 Rule.

·         In Cricket, the Blind score is pushed off each round – No 151 Rule.

13.  Any team allowing a player to play under another player’s name or on the Blind score will be removed from the league, suspended for one year and placed on probation for an additional year.

14.  League play will begin at 7:30 pm Mon-Thur (Sat & Sun leagues will have different starting times).  At that time the team not present will forfeit one (1) win; at 7:40 pm they will forfeit a second win; at 7:50 pm they will forfeit a third win.  If they have not arrived by 8:00 pm they will forfeit the match with no right to a reschedule.  If at 7:30 pm you have a partial team (waiting on one or two players) the two captains can determine how long they will wait before forfeiting of wins will begin.  All decisions on forfeited matches will be decided before the match is played.  The captain must call Just Darts by 10:00 am the next day.  If both teams are present before 8:00 pm the match will be played in its entirety.  Just Darts will adjust the wins and losses from the team that was late.

15.  In the case of extenuating circumstances, play can be rescheduled if arrangements are made up one day in advance of the scheduled match.  In case of a medical emergency, an approved sub may play or Just Darts will automatically reschedule the match.  The team asking for the reschedule must now play at the opposing teams bar.  The team causing the reschedule is now the visiting team in any situation.  Even if the two teams are playing out of the same bar.  If you are in the middle of a match and a medical emergency arises, then you must play under 151 Rule for that player that needs to leave.  If a medical emergency arises and 50% or more of your team needs to leave, then the remaining games must be played at a rescheduled date.

16.  Just Darts must be notified of any rescheduled matches or any matches that are being played early.  Rescheduled dates for play to be made up must be reported to Just Darts as soon as a date is planned.

17.  No non-established unranked new subs are allowed for rescheduled matches.

18.  If rescheduled matches cannot be played before the end of the league, it will be considered a forfeited match.  The non-forfeiting team will be awarded their team winning % at the end of the league – the forfeiting team will receive 0 wins for the match + a loss of 3 games penalty.  A team is allowed 2 forfeit per league.  The 3rd will result in a team drop out of  the league with no refunds & no payout.  League fees are still due for forfeited matches.  Please make all attempts to play rescheduled matches.  Player probation from league and tournament may be a penalty.  Extenuating circumstances need approved from Just Darts.

19.  All teams must play according to their league schedule.  Any team that does not play according to the scheduled location (without Just darts approval) will lose all games for that match.  No exceptions.  Just Darts must approve extenuating circumstances.

20.  Any player/team dropping out of a league, before its completion, without a good reason shall be suspended for one league season and placed on probation for an additional year.  Any such suspension or probation can only be lifted by Just Darts.

21.  All league games are to be played on properly identified Just Darts machines.  Any matches played on unauthorized machines will result in forfeiture of all league games that night for the home offending team.  No dart machines are to be moved for any reason without approval from Just Darts.  Doing so may result in a loss of games for the team that took action.

22.  Any team that forfeits three consecutive matches in a league season (without extenuating circumstances) will be eliminated from the league.  No money will be refunded.  All games played by that team will be deleted from the standings.

23.  Any team that has a player barred from location must use an approved sub or the Blind 151 Rule on league night.  No reschedules are allowed unless it is approved by Just Darts.

24.  All Just Darts leagues payback 100% in trophies, prize money and the Just Darts City Championships.

25.  League matches will be called official after they have been posted for 2 days from the date of the match.

26.  League award ceremonies will be held on the same league night one week following the last week of league play.  The sponsoring bar of the first place team will host the ceremony.

27.  If there is a TIE for position at the end of a league season, then a tie breaker between the 2 teams will determine the winner.  Most Game Wins will determine the winner, If Game Wins are also TIED, then most match wins in the league will determine the winner.




1.     The game is 301/501 Any In – Any Out or Any In – Double Out.  The Bull’s Eye will count 50 points.

2.     All players start with X01 points and attempts to reach zero.  If a player scores more than the total required reaching zero, the player “busts” and the score returns to the score that existed at the start of the turn.

3.     When a player reaches zero, the game is over.  The winning team is the team with the lowest combined score.  If a player reaches zero when they are “frozen”, they will not be credited with any individual stats and the win will be credited to the opposing team.

4.     Freeze Rule – The teammate of the player that takes out the game must have an equal or lower score than the total of the opposing team score.

5.     Leagues with Double-In/Double-Out games must score a true Double-In and Double-Out.  If you Bull-In or Bull-Out, you lose the game.



1.     The game of Cricket will be played with a double Bull’s Eye.

2.     The object will be to close the numbers 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and Bull’s Eye in any order before your opponent(s).  The player/team that closes all numbers and the Bull’s Eye first, and has a greater or equal point score, wins.

3.     An outer Bull’s Eye will count 25 points and an inner Bull’s Eye will count 50 points.


1.     Players stand at a “throw” line, 96 inches horizontally from the face of the dart board.  They may step on, but not across the line.  If a player steps over the line, but does not throw a dart, they may return to the line and throw remaining darts.  If a player throws a dart with their foot over the line:

·         One warning will be given.

·         Loss of next dart after one warning is issued.

·         If a player ends the game, that player’s team loses game.

2.     Players may use bar darts or purchase custom pro darts as long as they do not exceed 20 grams in weight or exceed 8” in length.

3.     Each player throws a maximum of three darts per turn.  Darts must be thrown only when the machine instructs to “Throw Darts” and the proper player’s number is lit.

4.     It is not required for a player to throw all three darts on every turn.  A player may pass or throw fewer than three darts.

5.     Any dart thrown counts as a throw, whether or not it is registered on the machine.  A throw counts if it misses the board and bounces out, or if it misses the board completely.  A player may not throw any darts over again.  Dropped darts may be thrown again.

6.     Darts on the board may not be touched until the turn is over, the “Player Change” is activated, and the machine recognizes the end of the turn.  Exception:  When a dart is in the board and machine reads “Stuck Segment”, that dart must be removed by opposing team captain before other darts are thrown.

7.     Distracting behavior by opponents while a player is throwing is not allowed, and constitutes a foul.  The player will lose their next turn.

8.     It is the player’s responsibility to see that the machine is displaying the appropriate player’s number prior to throwing the darts.  Play is stopped immediately when the infraction is noticed.

·         If a player throws out of turn on their opponents score, the machine is advanced to the correct position and that player will throw all three darts.  The game then proceeds normally.

·         If a player throws out of turn on their teammates score, the correct player will throw any remaining darts and the player throwing out of turn will lose their next turn.

·         If the player throwing out of turn causes their opponents to be “frozen”, the freeze rule will not apply

·         If a player throws out of turn and ends the game on that turn, their team loses that game.

9.     A manually scored point on an opponents score constitutes a foul.  Advance player change button to the correct player position and continue play, except that the player that committed the foul loses their next turn.  A manually scored point on own score constitutes a foul.  Advance player change button to the correct player position and continue play, except that both players from that team lose their next turn.

10.  If a machine resets due to power failure or other reason beyond control, the game will reboot and inform you that league play has been interrupted, to continue press enter.  The machine will then start the match where it was last played.  League play will then continue as normal.

11.  Any machine reset, tilt, or malfunction due to intentional player action shall result in loss of game for the team committing the action.

12.  Any player found to be using overweight darts or otherwise illegal darts shall cause the team to forfeit all games in the match that they are currently shooting.  The match will then continue with all players using legal darts.  Any protest about weight of darts must be made before the completions of the match, and will not be allowed once a match has been concluded.

13.  Any physical violence may result in the player or players being expelled from the league and forfeiting all stats and monies paid.

14.  A team gets no more than 2 minutes between shooters and 5 minutes between games.  If violated, player causing the delay will lose their next turn.  ONE warning will be given.





The following are instructions on how to setup the dart boards for automated league play:

1.     Drop at least one quarter into the machine.

IMPORTANT:  Deposit quarters game by game in case of machine malfunction.

2.     From the main menu, select League Play and Press Enter

3.     Select Play League, Press Enter

4.     Select the Name of your League.

5.     Select Home Team First, Press Enter

6.     Make sure Home Team Line-up is correct and Handicaps are correct.  If Home Team needs to Substitute a player or adjust a players Handicap, then do so now before the match starts.  Select the player you want to sub for and press enter, then it will ask you to choose an existing sub or create a new one.  When using a Sub make sure you input complete first and last names.  To adjust a players handicap, select the players X01 or Cricket and use the buttons to adjust up or down on the machine.  When all else fails, read the instructions on the screen.

7.     If Leagues are automated the Home Team will enter their Leagues Fees into the dart machine now when prompted.  If league requires the use of an envelope then place all league fees for both teams into the envelope along with both team captain’s signatures and drop inside the dart machine.

8.     Select the Visiting Team, Press Enter

9.     Follow steps 6 and 7 as did before with the Visiting Team.

10.  Select the Start Match and Press Enter

11.  Home Team starts the first game with the loser starting the next game.  If the game malfunctions, call Just Darts at 576-8009 for service or continue play on a score sheet.

Good Luck...  Good Darts!!!



  1. The score recorded by the machine is the score that the player receives.  The players accept that the machine is always right. 
  2. A dart that sticks in the board but does not activate the electronic scoring may be manually scored as long as the “Throw Darts” message was displayed and the dart machine reads that only two darts have been thrown.
  3. If there is a question to whether the machine is scoring or working properly, STOP THE GAME.  Do not remove darts or activate the “Player Change”.  The team captains must try to solve the problem.  If a restart of game is necessary, scores will be re-entered and play will continue.  If they are unable to do so, they will need to call for service, make up the rest of the games on a Just Darts score sheet, or reschedule the remaining match within a two (2) week period.
  4. If a dart bounces off the board it is considered a dart thrown even if it does not score.  It may not be thrown again.
  5. If a dart is thrown before the “Throw Darts” message lights, the dart will not score and is considered a dart thrown.  It may not be thrown again.