1.         All VNEA 8-ball Rules Apply.  See Handbook in Captain’s Packet.


2.         The home team captain is responsible for collecting league money for both teams.  Make sure the        envelope is filled out completely and signed by both team captains. 


3.         League play will begin at 7:30 pm.  A team has until 8:00 pm to make an appearance or the match may be considered a forfeit.  If a player is late and the next round has started, the late player will forfeit the previous game or games.  All decisions on forfeiting games must be decided by both team captains before the match is over.


4.         Please fill out your score and sanction sheets completely.  Make sure they are clear and easy to read. 


5.         Handicaps: On the first night of league play, play straight up, then figure your handicap.  Your handicap is calculated by dividing the total number of points a player wins by the total number of games played.  Fractional averages may be rounded off to the next full number as follows: 

            8.0-8.4 remains an 8, 8.5-8.9 increases the average to 9.  The highest spot balls are 15 points per round, 9 for the summer.  The minimum player handicap is 5.  If your team has a player missing on the first night of league play, then you must enter an 8 as his/her handicap only until a player fills that spot.  If a player fails to show up for league play then his/her handicap only must be entered in.


6.         Players pay league fees each week up until the last week of play (or as indicated on the schedule)

            and also pay own quarters for all matches.  League fees are $7.00 per player per night.  League

            fees should be paid in cash.  If league fees are paid with a bad check then there is a $20.00 fee plus

            the league fees that is due for the night.  The player is suspended until all check and league fees

            are paid in cash.  No Pay – No Play!


7.         Drop off Locations: All league envelopes must be turned in to one of the drop off locations listed         below the same night of league play.  Insert the league envelope into one of the dart machines on

league night or drop off at Just Darts the next day.  This is very important in order to get the league standings updated and mailed out in time for next weeks matches.


                        Rockets – 7041 E. 10th St., Indianapolis, 322-1932

                        Krazy St.404 E. Thompson Rd., Indianapolis, 787-3338


8.         Teams will consist of regular players plus any substitutes.  All players must be 21 years of age.  You may register for any team you wish.  However, you are not officially a member of that team until you have played at least one week.  Any roster changes must be reported to Just Darts.


9.         A Team may acquire a substitute player as long as the sub meets all requirements of the league that the player is playing in.  Such as limit 1 master per team. Make sure you sanctions all substitute players the first night of league play.


10.       All regular players and subs must sanction their first night of league play.  Sanctions fees are $12.00 per player.  Sanctions are paid annually and expire on June 30th of each active year.  Please fill out all information on sanction sheet completely in order to receive your free subscription to VNEA News & View Magazine.


11.       No roster changes are allowed within the last two weeks of league play.  No new subs or new regular players are allowed to play in the last two weeks of league play.  It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure his team roster is the way he wants it before this date.  Only established subs that have played in the league within this date are allowed to play.  Only in the case of extenuating circumstances and with Just Darts approval can a team replace a regular player within the last two weeks.  Once removed the initial player cannot play in that league again


12.       In the case of extenuating circumstances, play can be rescheduled if arrangements are made up one day in advance of the scheduled match.  In case of a medical emergency, an approved sub may play or Just Darts will automatically reschedule the match.  All rescheduled matches must be played within 3 weeks of the scheduled match date.


13.       In the event of a forfeit, the non-forfeiting team of the match will be awarded their handicap scores for the win.  The forfeiting team will receive zero (0) wins.  League fees are due for both teams in the event of a forfeit.


14.       No rescheduled matches are allowed within the last two weeks of league play.  You are allowed to play any matches early if necessary.  If extenuating circumstances arise then you must get a reschedule approved by Just Darts.


15.       Any team that forfeits three consecutive matches in a league season will be eliminated from the league.  No money will be refunded.  All games played by that team will be deleted from the team standings. 


16.       All teams must play according to their league schedule.  Any team that does not play according to the scheduled location (without Just darts approval) will lose all games for that match.  No exceptions


17.       Team captains must make sure the right players are playing for each round.  If the wrong players are playing in a round game and caught before the game is over, the players can start the game over in the appropriate round.  If the game is over then the scores get recorded in the appropriate round and will stand as is.


17.       Any team that has a player barred from location must use an approved sub.  No reschedules are allowed.


18.       All Just Darts leagues payback 100% in trophies and prize money.


19.       League matches will be called official after they have been posted for 2 days from the date of the match.


20.       League award ceremonies will be held on the same league night one week following the last week of league play.  The sponsoring bar of the first place team will host the ceremony.


21.       If there is a tie for first place at the end of a league season, team captains will decide to play a match  to determine who wins the league or split the money. 


22.       Just Darts Pool Leagues will qualify players for the Indiana State Pool Tournaments and the VNEA International Tournaments.  You will also qualify for the Just Darts City Championships.  Information will be posted for these annual events, so keep a look out!


23.       8 ON THE BREAK AWARD – must have at least 30 games played, jacket or shirt, must call just

            Darts when hit, one award per player every three years.